Protein Shake Chocolate 300g


Delicious supplement drink


Protein Shake Chocolate

Getting enough protein in your diet isn’t just for gym fanatics, it is necessary for a healthy immune system, healthy weight loss Annique’s Protein Shake is a delicious supplement drink to help anyone achieve their health goals.

Did you know?

Proteins are the body’s main building blocks. They’re used to make muscles, tendons, organs, and skin, as well as enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. Protein contains lots of smaller molecules called amino acids, which link together like beads on a string. These linked amino acids form long protein chains, which then fold into complex shapes that make up your body’s muscles, etc. Some of these amino acids are produced by your body, but others called essential amino acids should be derived from your diet.

What are protein shakes and why should you be drinking them?

Protein shake Chocolate is a great addition to your daily diet and a good alternative to get your daily protein intake to your daily diet.  Protein is also essential for muscle growth, muscle repair and normal muscle function.  They also help form enzymes and hormones, as well as transmit nerve impulses throughout the body and protect our immune function.

What type of protein is in the Annique Protein Shake?

The Annique Protein Shake contains whey concentrate protein.  This is one of the best supplements for anyone who would like to lose weight, reduce belly fat and build muscles.


What is Palitinose?

Today people are even more conscious of what they eat and if they get enough exercise. Also a person with a healthy and active lifestyle needs clean carbohydrate energy.

The fact is that the carbohydrate sources contained in most of our usual foods and snacks are digested very quickly, resulting in high to very high glycaemic responses? The type of carbohydrate matters and this is why smart carb choices are important to help support healthy blood sugar levels.

Palatinose™ is a perfect source of energy: a smart carb that allows blood sugar levels to remain steady and sustained. Palatinose™ also provides an energy source in a more balanced way, this means that body is able to make better use of it’s existing body fat storages and convert it into the energy that the body requires.

What is the difference between Annique’s current Lifestyle Shake and the New Protein Shake?

Current Lifestyle Shake New Protein Shake
·         Vitamin and mineral supplement ·         Does not contain added vitamins and minerals
·         Has a balanced fat, carbohydrate and protein content ·         Rich in protein
·         Suitable for all ages ·         Only suitable for adults. Children do not require a protein supplement/shake.  Children’s diets contain more than enough protein.  Additional protein in a child’s diet may cause more harm than good.
·         Offers support for those are battling with an illness or loss of appetite ·         Great supplement for fitness enthusiasts
·         May improve muscle gain
·         Palitinose™, a smart carb, to help maintain blood sugar levels
·         Contains fibre ·         Does not contain fibre
·         Contains milk powder ·         Contains whey protein
·         Lecithin (a phospholipid that helps lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation)
·         Protein: 3.85g

·         Fat: 2.7g

·         227kJ per serving (with water)

·         Protein: 9.2g

·         Fat: 10.1g

·         685kJ per serving (with water)


Q: Is the Protein Shake suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

A: Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women as safety has not been established

Q: When should I drink it?


  • Drink prior to a workout
  • For breakfast or lunch

Q: Is the NEW Protein Shake dairy free?

A: No


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