Zerotox (OptiClear) 30 Hardgel Capsules


Remove Heavy Metals and Toxins from your body


Forever Healthy Zerotox 60 Hardgel Capsules

Aids in removing heavy toxins and heavy metals

 Heavy metal toxicity can have detrimental effects on your health. Zerotox is FDA certified, helps to restore organ equilibrium and is safe to use (it doesn’t get absorbed into the blood stream, but stays in the gastro-intestinal tract) even in severe cases. Absorbatox™ adsorbs toxins, changing its molecular structure and rendering it harmless, after which the body removes it naturally.

OptiClear acts as a sponge in the stomach and adsorbs the toxins produced in much the same way as a sponge soaks up water. In addition, it removes any foreign substances in the body. Assume, for instance, that a beer drinker has consumed 5 beers in 45 minutes. By the time possibly 2 beers would have been absorbed into the bloodstream, with the remaining 3 beers waiting in the stomach for absorbtion into the bloodstream.

Ingesting Zerotox capsules will sponge up the three beers in the stomach, effectively keeping the alcohol in the stomach until it has passed through the digestive system and out of the body.

Why use Zerotox?

• If you have problems losing weight – a good course of 2 months can result in effortless weight loss for the first time!
• Turn back the effects of free radicals and, therefore, ageing. Zerotox restores organ equilibrium which enables the body to do its own repairing work.
• Want to see allergies disappear? A toxic liver or body is the main cause of allergic responses in the body.
• Medical research has shown great relief and benefit for:

  • porphyria
  • migraine
  • chemo-patients
  • irritable bowl syndrome (IBS)
  • spastic colon
  • gastro-intestinal problems [heartburn and ulcers

• Cigarette craving declined in some users.
• Sugar craving declined in most users.
• PMS symptoms declined in most users.
• Energy levels improved in all users


  • Painless detox [non-invasive]
  • Normalises organ metabolism
  • Improves the healing process
  • Relieves IBS [irritable bowl syndrome]
  • Assists with gastro-intestinal health [heartburn, ulcers]
  • Relieves allergies
  • Removes toxins
  • Improves nutritional absorption

12 Ailments that Zerotox can help with

• Toxic overload.
• Heavy metal toxicity.
• Cancer (especially chemo patients – take 2 hours before or after treatments).
• Migraine and headaches.
• Depression.
• Arthritis.
• Allergies.
• Weightloss.
• Alcohol overindulgence (take 4).
• Heart burn.
• IBS.
• Diarrhoea (take 4).

Active ingredients

  • Green Rooibos extract

  • Absorbatox™


Directions for use


  • From the age of 6 months – 1 per day


  • 1 – 2 capsules per day, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner
  • Time of day: AM


Ideally, take Zerotox after 2 drinks, however taking it before, during or after will still have a very strong result.You may also take 3 Zerotox at the end of the evening before bed.It is advisable to take Zerotox if one has been drinking moderately but feel slightly tipsy. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their healthcare practitioner before taking Zerotox.

*Do NOT take Zerotox within 2 hours of taking prescribed drug medication



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